Contribute toOpenESB

Java developer

You are an expert, intermediate a simple beginner, we need your help for design, development, improvement, test, debug. OpenESB has a very large scope and if you like working on graphical Interface, Java development, architecture design, multithreading, optimisation, test, feel free to push your improvement on the community code. If you want to contact us for help or to find a subject,please click here.


Technical writer

You are a technical writer or simply an OpenESB user happy to share her/ his feedback and knowledge. Improve the OpenESB documentation by creating a new generation of guides and tutorials. Whatever your level, your papers, videos, tutorials, use cases are welcome. Whatever your language, feel free improve OpenESB with multi-language documentation. If you want to contact us for help or to find a subject, please click here.

Project manager

You deploy an OpenESB project in production; you want to share your feedback and make known your expertise and promote your company and your teams. Put in writing your use case, explain the context, the challenges you face and the way you solve them. Explain what benefit you found in using OpenESB and what advantage your development provided to the users. If you want to contact us for help or to structure your paper, please click here.

Get theOpenESB Code and build it

OpenESB Standalone Edition is made up with 3 main projects:  OpenESB -Standalone, OpenESB-Component-3 and Netbeans-SOA

  • OpenESB-Standalone is the OpenESB runtime, it contains the bus and all the management features.

  • OpenESB-Component-3 is the set of components supported by the community.

  • Netbeans-SOA contains the OpenESB studio plus the plugins for OpenESB.

OpenESB standalone

OpenESB components

OpenESB studio

Exchange with theOpenESB community


OpenESB user mailing list

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To post a message to all the list members, send email

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Bug and improvement inOpenESB



If you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement or a new feature in OpenESB, please report them in theOpenESB JIRA

Please notice:OpenESB is an integration product which by definition, works with many other products, applications and platforms. Your background showed us that in a large majority of the bug in OpenESB are due to the interaction with the third parties and does not come from OpenESB itself. So, when a bug occurs, we strongly advise the OpenESB user to simplify the context and create a very simple project we can use and try to run in our labs to reproduce the bug. Otherwise, we could not help you.