OpenESB: Manage your services in  a smart way 

For more than a decade, OpenESB runs in production and provides a strong backbone to the integration platform. OpenESB users describe it as a light product solid as a rock with a proven four nine reliability on the ground, scalable, fault-tolerant, easy to set up and operate. OpenESB projects run billions of complex processes around the world 7x24 for Bank, Finance, Logistic or government. Bet on intelligence and reliability.







OpenESB top features



OpenESB implements an intelligent infrastructure that relies on the pattern interface-based for services. OpenESB brings the concept of interface and implementation to the micro-services Such as Java or C++, designing with interfaces and invoking their implementations at the runtime improves the service encapsulation and isolation, provides a great flexibility to your applications.



OpenESB has a well-defined development process based on three main Tasks: Service definition, Service Orchestration, Service Composition. The complete process is supported by Powerful graphical tools. They allow to connect and configure graphically the different components and process.
Easy to use and short to learn, these tools make easier the development of OpenESB Service.

IT Diversity

"api-service-interface", “Json-xml-object”, “soap-rest-corba”, “”, “oracle-mongo-elasticsearch. The IT world is a succession of waves that made up the IT divers eclectic and complex. Since 2005, OpenESB matches the multiculturalism in IT and don’tjust focus on the latest IT trend, but aims to integrate all these technologies, promote reuse, agility and low ownership.


OpenESB embeds a powerful graphical composition editor to link your micro-services and create coarser applications. The OpenESB composition editor implements a sophisticated Quality of Services, a native  load balancing. It improves the reliability and availability of your applications. Moreover, It helps you to define the accurate granularity of the micro-service deployment and so, match the organisation of your development team.


When a business process becomes complex, the service composition not enough to support complex contexts, the service compensation in case of error or the correlation. Here a third party is required to externalise the context, implement compensation patterns such as SAGA. The OpenESB Orchestrator implements all these features with a graphical editor and help you to design complex processes with your micro-services.


The community develops and improves with success the OpenESB project and relies on tiers parties to provide professional services (Consulting, development and training), extended features or components and support contracts. We highly recommend the OpenESB users, to start a partnership with the tiers parties, if they plan to develop with OpenESB professionally with deployments on production.

Simplify your service integration